Work of Art or Deminer?


Massoud Hassani is born in Afghanistan, but he lives in Holland. He has invented a ‘Mine Kafon’, which is a wind-powered mine clearer, made out of bamboo canes and biodegradable plastic. In my opinion, an impressive mix of sustainable art, design and technology. I hope he’ll manage to get it into production so it can get out and do some good.

More on the Mine Kafon project here.

By Kirsten Bukager

I am a Danish writer and visual artist. After several years in The Netherlands, I am back in my home country. M.Sc. in International Business Administration and Modern Languages fra Copenhagen Business School, Communication and Online Journalism studies at Webster University and London School of Journalism. Bachelor in Education. I have worked with communications and marketing for many years, and recently changed path to teaching (Danish language, Art, Social Studies). I have always had a creative mind and filled many drawing blocks and canvases. I write for pleasure. Most of my stories are about places and people I encounter on journeys around the world. I have an eye for cultural and social subtleties, and I am especially interested in travel and the arts. Drop me a line if you are interested in my art, my teaching, or if you have a question or comment. And feel free to follow me on Instagram.